Pet Boarding

College Park Road Veterinary Clinic offers comfy, affordable, veterinarian-supervised boarding services and daycare for your canine and feline family members. Our goal is to make your pet’s experience special, and our trained, attentive kennel staff will work hard to alleviate any stress or fear your pet may feel, including offering anti-anxiety medications if necessary.

We’re also the perfect place to board special needs pets, as our staff has veterinary experience and a doctor is just steps away if needed.

Our boarding kennels do fill up fast for holidays, spring break, and summer vacations, so complete our BOARDING REQUEST FORM or call us at (843) 764-0049 to make your pet’s reservations as soon as your plans are set!

Boarding Pricing

  • $36 Standard Suite
  • $46 Luxury Suite
  • $20 Daycare

Ask about our
multiple pet discount!

Enjoy this testimonial from one of our happy guests:

“So off we went in the car, and I was so excited to see what adventure was in store! We pulled into a parking lot, and mom took me inside a building where there was a nice lady who gave me treats. I like this place already!

After my mom talked to the nice lady for a few minutes she gave me a kiss and allowed the lady to take me on to explore. I hardly noticed my Mom did not come with us, I was so excited by all the new sights and smells!

First the nice lady took me to a big area outside where the grass was different than at home, but soft and nice to run on. Then around the corner came another fluffy little dog wanting to play. We said hello, sniffed each other and started to play chase. ”Roxy” and I had so much fun! Slowly, one by one, new friends joined us, and we ran and chased each other and there were other humans there that threw balls for us and made sure everyone was getting along.

Pretty soon we were all zonked, and the nice humans took us inside where there was air-conditioning and fans, and we all took a nap. I even had my own bed, water bowl, and cozy place to sleep.

After my nap, I got to go back outside to play with my friends again, but it started to get hot so one of the humans walked me over to an area I could only describe as Utopia. There were pools of refreshing cool water, and I laid down in one right NOW! Also, there was a dancing robot throwing water through the air and a big fan blowing cool air across my fur. I never wanted to leave!

Later on, I was walked over to meet a very sweet lady who pampered me from nose to tail! First, she gave me a refreshing bath in a giant bathtub that had giant stairs so no one had to try and pick me up (I’m a pretty big fella from what my mom says!) Then she gave me a pedicure, cleaned my ears, and I’m not sure if I got a massage or just a good brushing, but man, it felt great! Finally, she got me looking spiffy by tying a bandana around my neck. I could not wait to show my Mom.

I waited for a few minutes in a fun room where I could play some more until my mom walked in to pick me up. Just when I didn’t think things could get any better, I was given ice cream! WHAT?! Who’s a good boy?? Me!

I was so excited to see her and tell her all about my amazing day! I jumped up and down, wagged my tail, and gave my best excited howl all to let her know how happy I was. I really hope she brings me back again tomorrow! I told her I even hear they let dogs and cats stay overnight!”