In-House Laboratory

When your pet doesn’t feel well, one of the first things a veterinarian may want to do is lab testing of blood and/or other bodily excretions. At College Park Road Veterinary Clinic, we have an in-house lab so many of these screenings can be done on site, saving time and money.

In most cases, we can get results within 30 minutes for routine testing such as:

  • Full blood work: chemistry, CBC, heartworm test, feline Leukemia, FIV tests, specific pancreatic and kidney testing, and glucose monitoring for diabetes
  • Fecal screening: for parvo virus, intestinal parasites, and extreme bacterial infections
  • Urine testing
  • Cytology – microscopic examination of samples collected from skin or ear infections, growths or tumors, or fluid collected

Have questions about lab testing or need to schedule your pet for an appointment? Just give us a call at 843-797-1493.